Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always in the Wrong Shoes...

Ever feel like you're wearing the wrong shoes? That's me...always. Well not always, always...but definitely lately (the last two years or so).

Through most of my life I felt like no matter if I was wearing hiking boots or 4-inch heels, I could walk a tight rope, hike a mountain, or bust out a cha-cha at a moment's notice. Things have generally come easily to me. While I definitely had my set of challenges to face, I've always rolled with the punches pretty well. I'm the girl who's always steady when everyone else around me is stumbling.

However, lately something's changed. Now when I'm strolling through life in adorable black peep-toe pumps, a minute later something happens and life's got me high-tailing it down the side of a highway hoping I don't eat it and get run over by that gargantuan SUV barreling down the road at 85mph. My feet are pounding, my heart is racing, and the whole time I'm thinking, "Why do I wish I was wearing ugly shoes?"

After years of being the girl who always been in control and always seems to have it together, I'm struggling with feeling like I'm the one in the wrong shoes. That I'm now the girl who's stumbling...who's falling. I don't know how to be this girl. Ironically, though, I think this stumbling might be a good thing for me.

And so begins my blog...

It's my attempt at exploring this new "me" (with your help!). So welcome to my journey. I'm ready to run, I'm willing to stumble, I've accepted that I'm going to fall along the way (maybe even in love?)...but come what may, I'm going do it my way.

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