Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gemini Musings and Such

I've been meaning to post recently, but haven't had a chance. There's much to catch up on.
I'll do a full update soon, but here's a mini one on today's topic - Mr. Biz (work-a-holic, single father raising a 14 year old).
  • If you haven't read it yet, see previous post.
  • Many talks involving how I need more effort/time from him.
  • After 4 1/2 months of casually dating Mr. Biz, I stopped seeing him in late July because it was a bit too casual for me. He just didn't have enough time for me and I'm not willing to settle anymore. He's a great guy and I told him if something changes in the future and he is ready to pursue something more serious, I might give it a try but I can't keep doing this. Official red light.
  • One week later, he calls/texts, misses me, wants to see me, etc. What's changed? Nothing. I don't see him.
  • Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat, etc. Same thing for weeks. He says we want the same things but it's work keeping us apart. Swears he's trying to do things to get work under control and get things in a better place for us. I tell him we can talk but until changes are in place, I can't see him. WTF is the light doing?
  • Thursday he calls me, we have a long talk. He says he needs balance in his life. He can't keep this work thing up, he needs time with those who are important to him. He realizes it. He's talked to his boss, he's doing everything in his power to change it. Hopefully he'll see the changes soon and can share them with me. I'm skeptical/hopeful/tired.
So for now I just wanted to leave you with my horoscope for today...
The mixed messages become even more complicated today as green lights are immediately followed by flashing red ones. You don't know which signal to believe as you decide whether to blast ahead with confidence or to retreat in fear. Ultimately, your best chance of success comes from moving ahead with caution.

That's literally it word-for-word. Ugh!

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