Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bucket List

Some of the things I want to accomplish in my lifetime:

- Pet a cow (accomplished)
- Graduate from college, B.A. (accomplished)
- Take a trip to Europe (accomplished)
- Get married to my soul mate
- Be a mother
- Learn to play guitar... so I can play for my children
- Hike Half Dome
- Spend a month abroad
- Write a novel
- Sit on the banks of Lake Lucerne again and write
- Own a home
- Skydive
- Visit Italy, Greece and Egypt
- Teach a child to read
- Hike once a week (spring and summer) for a year
- Start my own catering business
- Spend a week completely by myself (alone with my thoughts)
- Read Les Misérables (I've seen the musical 3 times but never read the book)
- Speak Italian with an old married couple
- Write a collection of stories for my children to read to their children
- Pay for someone (besides myself) to go to college
I know there's a bunch more I will add to this, but I wanted to at least get a few things up and posted.

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