Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 18

So once again I'm going to slightly deviate from the #30DaysOfTruth meme. Day 18 was supposed to be "Your views on gay marriage" and Day 19 was supposed to be "What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?". While I think each person need to do self searching on each of those topics and be honest with themselves about them, I have deeply explored those topics for myself previously. I have no problem openly expressing my opinions on them, but I don't feel like they are what will push me forward in my truth mission. Really quickly I'll address them and call it one day. 

Day 18 - Your thoughts/beliefs on Politics, Religion, & Human Rights/Equality
- I am a Christian and proud of it. While I don't go to church regularly, I have no doubts what my beliefs are. I believe each person's relationship (or lack of relationship) with God is individual. Only he knows what is truly in your heart. 
- Regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. etc. I believe everyone is equal. I believe everyone should have equal rights to express themselves, to love, to pursue their beliefs, to be a unique individual and to do so without judgement. I do not believe it is my place (or any other persons place) to judge others. It is my place to accept everyone with a loving heart. I believe our laws should be there to promote equality and ensure all humans their rights.  
- I consider myself both liberal and conservative depending on the topic. There are areas where I am considerably more "republican" and others where I am staunchly "democrat". I make my political choices based on each individual issue and candidate. I'll never "vote party lines". I believe it is my duty to be a part of the system if I want to live in a society I can someday respect. I have to be a part of the change even if I am only one voice. 
- Sadly, I feel both religion and politics have deteriorated from the ideals that they were founded on. Those we have entrusted have not lived up to their duties. In both areas I feel that we as individuals each need to make a difference ourselves and hopefully if people do, it will impact on a larger scale.
Hopefully that adequately covers the questions on this meme. 

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